An Inexperienced Blogger Blogs for First Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my son’s, Sam, Bar Mitzvah. It brings back wonderful memories for our family. In addition, it is a reminder for me of being in business for a year. The week following, I had my very first and complete move. I was joined by team members Clemy Keidan and Eileen Kavin and I won’t forget it. I had ambitions of documenting my every experience as a new business owner but blogging seems to have taken a back seat to figuring out Worker’s Compensation insurance, best pricing for moving supplies, how to educate others about the importance of Senior Move Management, staffing and on and on. I can honestly say that I love what I do. I enjoy the physical labor involved in rightsizing and setting up a new home. I love the connections I make with my clients and learning of their life experiences and stories behind their possessions. It is all meaningful and fulfilling and it is my own professional journey. I will forever be grateful to Jim and Cathy for entrusting me to help their mother, Betty.  And to Clemy and Eileen for being there and helping me our first move a good experience for the family.

So, while it has taken me a year to figure out how to even create a blog post, I am humbled by all that I have learned this year.